Vibration Analysis for Industrial Screw Compressor

Challenges involved in vibration analysis for industrial screw compressor.

Most screw compressors available on the market are oil flooded type twin rotors or single rotor design. Vibration in these screw compressors can be subject to many variables such as operating conditions, applications, Vi (Built-in volume ratio), type of oil, type of oil cooling, machine layout, and other variables. Correctly interpreting vibration data of screw compressors requires knowledge of the compressor's mechanical design, operation, process of compression, and the compressor controls. These can be real challenges in performing vibration analysis on industrial screw compressors.

Objective of Using Vibration Analysis for Screw Compressor

  • Eliminating unnecessary emergency service and maintenance.
  • Maximizing maintenance manpower by scheduling work orders ahead of time.
  • Reducing unexpected product loss.
  • Good maintenance budget control.
  • Optimize compressor operation.

Inspection Interval

  • Every 3-6 months with no compressor redundancy in the system
  • Every 6-12 months with 100% compressor redundancy.

Inspection Methods

  • Route inspection (Velocity, acceleration, enveloped acceleration spectrum and time wave form.)
  • Trending above reading
  • Extra data collected if needed.

See Attached Sample Report (PDF)