Company Profile

PdM Solutions of San Antonio, Inc. was established September 2001. Our specialty is in preventative maintenance of industrial screw compressors. We have more than 40 years of combined experience in engineering, manufacturing, servicing, and maintenance of screw compressor packages.

Our clients are industrial ammonia refrigeration and petrochemical plants in the USA. We service more than 20 plants and 220 screw compressors of all major brands such as Frick, Mycom, Howden, D/B, FES/GEA, Sullair, Quincy, and Gardner-Denver.

Mission Statement

We would like to prevent compressor or related equipment problems before they will happen. However, once the problems are found, we would like to predict what happen with greater precision.

In the event repairs are necessary, we offer full service reconditioning on compressors, and components such as shaft seals, oil pumps and control panels.

We would like to contribute to our clients having reduced operating costs and maintaining higher refrigeration compressor reliability.

Our goal is to increase our customer's profits through our services.